【TEKKEN 8】Introducing controllers recommended for beginners! [Pad, Akecon, Leverless] | From Japan

“Tekken 8” was released on January 26, 2024!
Since it is the latest work of a very popular 3D fighting game, there are many people who are saying, ``I started with this game'' or ``I'm going to give it a try.''
However, there may be some people who have such doubts and worries and are unable to take the step...?

- I want to play Tekken 8, but do I have to buy a controller as well?
- Isn't it okay to use the controller I have?
- Can't become stronger if the controller is bad?

This time, for those people, I'd like to introduce the controller from a Tekken 8 perspective!

The controller may become unusable due to game console or software updates.
For compatible models, please check the latest information from the manufacturer's official website.
Depending on the tournament, there may be rules and regulations regarding controllers.
Especially for those who are competitive, we recommend checking the rules for large tournaments in advance.

Easy No.1! Pad

A "pad" is a two-handed controller that comes with the game console itself.
In Tekken, there are four buttons to use (right punch, left punch, right kick, left kick), so it's easier to use the pad, which allows you to access the four buttons with your right thumb.
Some people hold their hands in special ways depending on the game.

Pick up some representative pads!


A typical pad is the "DualSense" that comes with PS5. It can be used not only on PS5 but also on the PC version.

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The feature is that the cross button is separated, and some people find it difficult to input diagonally.

xbox wireless controller

In addition to Xbox seriesX|S, the "Xbox Wireless Controller" can also be used on PC.

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It is a highly rated controller especially for FPS, but the position of the stick and directional pad (cross button) is different from DualSense.

TEKKEN8 Fighting Commander OCTA for PC (If you can't decide, this is it!)

There are also pads specifically designed for fighting games. One of them is "TEKKEN8 Fighting Commander OCTA for PC".

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There are 6 buttons on the top, so many of them can be accessed with your right thumb, and it features a cross pad that makes it easy to input diagonally.
The left stick also has an 8-direction guide, making it easy to input diagonally, and is designed to withstand use in a variety of fighting games.
The Tekken 8 model is only compatible with PC, so if you want to use it on PS4 or PS5, we recommend the regular version.

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Advantages of pads

- Since "Tekken" is basically operated using the direction keys + 4 buttons, it is easy to operate using just the buttons on the front of the pad.
- If you set the LR button as a simultaneous press button, you can instantly perform complex simultaneous presses.

Disadvantages of pads

- Techniques that require complex and quick direction input, such as mountain and field skis, are difficult.
- Many commands go through neutral where you don't input anything, making it difficult to use the cross key or analog stick.

Pad recommendation level

Price: S
It is cheaper than other controllers and is easily available through mail order and electronics stores.
Convenience: S
Small size makes it easy to store and take to tournaments and tournaments.
Maintainability: C
If parts cannot be replaced and a malfunction occurs, you will need to buy a new one.
Tekken seriousness: C
Controls using the cross pad are not suitable for Tekken 8.

Overall rating: B
In fighting games, knowledge, experience, and technique are more important than the quality of the controller, so a pad is perfectly fine for normal play.
In fact, there are many people who are good with pads, and most players use pads. (It is also said that less than 10% of people use Akecon, which will be mentioned later...)
However, if you want to get serious about it, the movement controls may become a bottleneck.
However, since many people already have a pad, it would be a good idea to try it out first and see if it suits you before considering other controllers.

A classic from yesteryear! Arcade controller (Akecon)

An arcade controller (Akekon) is a device that is operated using levers and buttons, similar to game arcades.
It has become common to operate it by placing it on a desk or resting it on your lap.

Tekken requires a lot of movement control, and many years of research has been done into how to use lever input. Many top players also use Akekon.

Pick up representative Akecon!

TEKKEN8 Fighting Stick α for PlayStation5,PlayStation4,PC (If you can't decide, this is it!)

``TEKKEN8 Fighting Stick α for PlayStation5, PlayStation4, PC'' is a classic product from the long-established Japanese device manufacturer HORI.

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The top can be opened and closed, making it easy to replace buttons and levers.
Additionally, the illustration plate on the top can be removed and replaced, so you can customize it to your favorite design.

FIGHTING STICK mini for PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Windows PC

"FIGHTING STICK mini for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Windows® PC" is available at a low price and is small and easy to store and carry.
Most Akecon products these days cost over 20,000 yen, but this item's list price is just under 8,000 yen!

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However, because it is small and light, it is difficult to place it on your lap.

In addition, because it uses the manufacturer's own buttons and sticks, and has a unique button layout, it may feel a little strange to people who are used to game arcades and other arcades. In addition, it is not possible to open the top panel and replace buttons and levers, so it is less customizable and maintainable than other arcade consoles (although it is not impossible, it is time consuming and requires a little knowledge). ).
Ideal for people who want to keep the price low and for beginners at Akecon.
However, if you are planning to play the game on a yearly basis or don't want to use the controller as an excuse, you may want to be a little more proactive and consider a different controller.

Drone 2 Arcade Joystick

Qanba's "Drone 2 Arcade Joystick" is also one of the standard arcade products.

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It's an officially licensed product for PlayStation Japan, so PS5 players can use it with confidence.

To replace the buttons and sticks, you need to remove the screws on the back, so it takes a little more effort than products with an open top. However, it doesn't usually require frequent maintenance, so you may not need to worry about it...

Advantages of Akecon

- In Tekken 8, where movement operations are intense, lever operations are easy to perform.
- Many models have replaceable buttons and levers, so they can be used for a long time with maintenance.
- You can create a controller that suits you by replacing parts and designs of your choice.

Disadvantages of Akecon

- Many items are expensive. In addition, because the number of products manufactured is small, it is easy to run out of stock.
- Buttons and levers make a clicking or crackling sound every time you operate them.
- Most of the items are large and heavy, making them difficult to store and carry.

Recommended level of Akecon

Price: C
Many of them are priced between 20,000 yen and 30,000 yen, and most home game consoles in particular are expensive models.
Convenience: C
Because it is large, it is difficult to store and carry around during tournaments and competitions. Buttons and levers make loud noises.
Maintainability: S
Even if a button or lever malfunctions, you can use it for a long time by replacing the parts.
Tekken seriousness: S
Lever operations that have been researched over many years allow you to perform movements that are as ``Tekken'' as possible.

Overall rating: A
If you are serious about playing Tekken 8 over a long period of time, the Akecon controller is definitely recommended.
Many top players use it, and in a good sense, you can put yourself in a situation where you can't use the controller as an excuse.

If you have never played it before, I think it would be a good idea to try it out at your local game center and see how it feels.
However, fighting games these days are becoming simpler with pad controls in mind, so it may be difficult to say whether you need to force yourself to get used to the arcade console.

The most powerful device of the new era! Leverless controller (leverless)

A leverless controller (leverless) is an operating device that replaces the lever on an Akebono computer with a button.
All movement operations performed using the cross pad or lever are performed using separate buttons, so it is difficult to say that the operation is intuitive.
However, if you master the unique operating method, you can theoretically do various things at the fastest speed.

This controller is especially popular in the 2D fighting game ``Street Fighter 6'' (Street Fighter 6).
Since there are few users of "Tekken", future research is expected.

Pick up the representative leverless!


“HitBox” is the originator and synonym of leverless. It's such a classic controller that some people refer to it as a "hitbox" or "hitobo" to refer to leverless controllers in general.

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Compatible with PC, PS4, and Switch. Please note that in order to use it with PS5 software, you will need to purchase accessories and work separately!
They actively sponsor professional gamers, and there are many users, especially 2D fighting gamers.

Victrix Pro FS-12 (If you can't decide, this is it!)

"Victrix Pro FS-12" is a leverless device released in 2023 by the globally popular device manufacturer Victrix.

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As it is an officially licensed product of Playstation, it can be used on PS4 and PS5, giving you peace of mind that you can continue using it even if the game console is updated.

Haute pad S16

"Haute pad S16" released by Haute42 is characterized by its small size and lightness. The thickness is 1.29 cm and the weight is 390g!

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Unlike the two leverless models introduced earlier, it is important to note that the buttons are different from those for general A/C consoles.
Also, if you want to use it with PS4 or PS5, you will need a separate converter, so you will need to purchase it at the same time.
There are various Haute pad models with different body sizes, number of buttons, etc., so when purchasing, be sure to determine the functions you need!

Advantages of leverless

- Theoretically, you can make all inputs at the fastest speed, so you can literally aim to be the "strongest".
- Easy to maintain by replacing buttons like Akecon.
- Including new manufacturers and individual manufacturers, it can be said that there are currently quite a lot of choices for controllers.

Disadvantages of leverless

- It has a unique operation method, and it is necessary to learn or develop a dedicated input method for each technique or action.
- Many models are not compatible with home game consoles.

Recommended level

Price: S~C
Although some privately made products are inexpensive, many genuine products are expensive, and their resale prices are rising rapidly.
Convenience: B
Many of them are smaller than Akekon, and because they don't have levers, they're easier to carry. Be careful about compatible models.
Maintainability: S
The button can be replaced, so it can be used year after year.
Tekken seriousness: A
Theoretically, it is the most powerful controller, but there is little information because there is no pioneer.

Overall rating: A to S (unknown)
Compared to other devices, leverless devices are less likely to pinch extra input, and since there is no "play" part like a lever, the appeal is that in theory you can make various inputs at the fastest speed.
If you are aiming for the best, this is definitely a controller that we can recommend!
However, since the number of users of Tekken is still small, it is difficult to obtain reference information, so you may need the determination and motivation to forge your own path.

When should I buy a controller?

Each controller has its good and bad points, and there are some things that cannot be said to be the best.
I think it's a good idea to try out the controller you have nearby first, and if you find it inconvenient or feel like you're using it as an excuse, then consider purchasing it!
However, after a new fighting game is released, it tends to be out of stock for several months, so it's important to buy and pre-order while you can.

If you are unsure about which one to buy, I think you are almost guaranteed to buy a product that has a ``If you're confused, this is it!'' section, so please use this as a reference.

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